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What To Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting

If you have decided you would like to trade in your traditional glasses for contact lenses, you are likely excited about sporting your new look in the near future. To get started, contact Urban Eyes in Spring to make an appointment with our optometrist for a contact lens fitting.

Your Eyes Are Checked For Medical Difficulties

First, our optometrist will conduct a series of tests using equipment in our office to check on the health of each of your eyes. These tests are relatively short and are not at all invasive. If you decide you would like your pupils dilated to look for additional medical troubles, be sure to bring along someone who can drive you home after your appointment.

Your Prescription Strength Is Obtained

Contact lenses require a specialized eye exam to ensure your prescription is correct. Even if you have gotten glasses within the last year, it is necessary to have another examination for the best vision correction possible. The test itself is the same as the type you would take for traditional glasses, except that the shape of your eyes will also need to be measured. You will need to read letters and numbers from a chart and adjustments to the glass pieces placed in front of your eyes will be switched to see if they sharpen the images for you. When your prescription is complete, your eyes are measured using another piece of equipment. You simply look into an eyepiece while our optometrist looks at your eyes from the other side.

A Sample Pair of Contact Lenses Are Presented

You will try on a set of contact lenses in our office. If you have not worn them before, a staff member will demonstrate the proper procedures for placing them in the eyes. You will also learn how to care for them and remove them when you are done wearing them.

Give Urban Eyes in Spring a call to schedule an appointment for a vision examination and contact lens fitting. Contact us at 281-655-9595.

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