Choosing The Right Glasses

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Eyeglasses for You

Your eyeglasses are one of the first things people will notice about you when they meet you for the first time. They are your first impression and can say a lot about your personality. Don't you think it's important to choose the right glasses for you? At Urban Eyes in Spring, Texas, we sure do! Here are our top five tips to help you choose the right glasses for your face, personality, and style!


1. Consider Your Face Shape

Human faces come in many shapes: oval, round, square, diamond, pear, and heart. Take a look in the mirror to determine what your face shape is. If you're oval, look at aviator, rectangle, or square frames, but avoid oversized frames. If you've got a square face, consider aviator, round, cat-eye, or oval glasses.

2. Consider Your Skin Color

Skin tones range from warm to cool and can affect how certain colors look on you. Your skin color can also determine which frame colors will look best on you. If you have warm skin, try on beige, red, gold, or blue frames. If you're cool-toned, opt for black, navy, burgundy, or silver specs.

3. Consider Your Lifestyle

Do you have a very physical job where you're moving around a lot? Or do you spend most of your day sitting at a desk working on the computer? Talk with the staff at Urban Eyes to help you choose frames and lenses that will suit your work environment and minimize eye strain.

4. Consider Your Personality

Are you a spunky person who loves being the center of attention? Check out glasses that are brightly colored or have an interesting shape. Perhaps you're quieter and prefer to stay behind-the-scenes. You might be more interested in clear or neutral-colored frames.

5. Take a Selfie with Your New Eyeglasses

When you're at the optometrist's office trying on new glasses, it can be difficult to look in a mirror and see how the glasses look on you! Pull out your phone and take a selfie, then put your regular glasses back on to evaluate how you look in the new frames. You can also bring a trusted friend to give their opinion on your new glasses.

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