Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated at Urban Eyes in Spring, TX

At Urban Eyes, we make it our mission to ensure that our eye services for people of Spring TX are of high-quality. We have state of the art technology in eye treatment to help us achieve our goal. We check your eyes thoroughly and put them through a couple of tests to ascertain what is causing the problem. Afterward, we treat the problem according to the diagnosis.

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Conditions That We Treat

Our optometry experience enables us to treat various eye conditions such as:  

Refractory Issues - these are eye complications that are brought about by an irregular shape of the eye. The spherical shape of the eye enables the lens and cornea to concentrate an image on the retina, therefore allowing an individual to see objects clearly.
Nearsightedness - also referred to as shortsightedness and myopia, is caused by an eyeball that is longer than usual, thus affecting the focus of the cornea and lens. The rays of light are concentrated at the front of the retina instead of its surface.
Farsightedness - also known as hyperopia, this condition makes an individual to see things that are far off clearly. Closer things appear blurry. We offer eyeglasses and lenses to help make close things clearer.
Glaucoma - this is a disease that affects the optic nerve. It can be treated, managed, and/or cured. Very few people often know they have it. We perform tests on the eye and offer appropriate advice and medication to manage it.
Macular Degeneration - this is a condition that affects the area of the retina which provides the best visual acuity. Our optometrist helps manage it by providing the right medication and suggesting eye surgery as an alternative treatment.
Pink Eye - also referred to as conjunctivitis, can lead to blindness if not treated. It mostly affects people who wear contact lenses and is caused by factors such as allergies and bacteria. We provide you with treatment options to manage it.
Dry Eye -
it’s brought about by insufficient tear production in the eyes. Dry eyes give a burning, uncomfortable sensation. We treat it by providing lubricating plugs for extreme conditions and eye drops.
Allergies - also known as ocular allergy and allergic conjunctivitis, it’s caused by allergens such as mold spores and pollen. We offer prescription eye drops to help manage it.
Keratoconus - it’s caused by a bulging cornea, brought about by low antioxidant-level in the cornea. Our treatment depends on its severity. We provide contact lenses to help stabilize the cornea.
Amblyopia - also referred to as the lazy eye, it’s relatively easy to treat. Our optometrist offers vision therapy, eyeglasses and drops to treat it.

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