Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration Services from Your Optometrist in Spring, TX

While approximately 1.8 million Americans suffer from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), around 7.3 million more face an elevated risk for it, according to our optometrist.  Our Urban Eyes practice in Spring emphasizes scheduling regular vision exams for early diagnosis and treatment of all eye diseases.

Macular Degeneration Services from Your Optometrist in Spring, TX

Macular Degeneration Overview

A patient might suffer from either type of macular degeneration:  dry or wet.  Research has not detected a cause for either one. 

This disorder results from changes in the macula, a section in the middle of the retina that is responsible for an individual’s best visual acuity.  As AMD progresses, it causes a loss of central vision.

Not all patients with dry AMD eventually develop the wet form.  However, all those with wet AMD initially suffered from the dry type.

Patients with both types have trouble perceiving colors and seeing details.  Unfortunately, some do not sense a visual problem until their AMD is sufficiently advanced.  Once someone has lost a portion of central vision, it is not possible to regain it.

Dry AMD symptoms usually affect both eyes and develop slowly:

    • Appearance of straight lines as bent due to visual distortion
    • Increasing blurriness of print
    • Trouble recognizing faces
    • Need for increasingly brighter light for close work
    • Reduced brightness or intensity of colors
    • Increasing difficulty adjusting to lower room light
    • Reduction in central vision

Wet AMD symptoms include:

    • Rapid appearance or progression of symptoms
    • Defined central blurry or blind spot
    • Reduced color intensity or brightness
    • Reduced central vision
    • Hazy vision
    • Perception of straight lines as bent

Services Our Eye Doctor Provides

With either type of macular degeneration, early diagnosis followed by close management is particularly important.  Our eye doctor makes a positive diagnosis of AMD only after a comprehensive vision exam. 

Dry AMD patients sometimes benefit from changes in diet and nutritional supplements that can retard the rate of vision loss.  Individuals with wet AMD have several treatment options, provided diagnosis occurs in the early stages.  Injected eye medication is helpful to some.  Laser surgery sometimes limits loss of vision.  A third option is using a laser to activate medication injected into the bloodstream.

Our doctor helps manage this condition by providing the appropriate medication and referring patients for eye surgery as necessary.

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Uncompromising care is the goal of our Urban Eyes eye doctor.  Our practice offers the Spring community a full-service optometry clinic.  Help protect your vision by scheduling regular exams that focus on the prevention and early detection of eye diseases and issues.  Be sure to take a moment to call us today at (281) 655-9595 to make an appointment for your next exam.

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